Hunt for the Shadow Rider

A rogue Shadow Rider has escaped to the year 2078. You are the only Hunter left who can take him down.

This is an open-source game made for the Open Jam 2019. The code is on github, at It is under the GPLv3 license.

Native builds are provided for Windows and Linux. An HTML5 version is also available. Run it in a Chromium-based browser for best performance (i.e. not Firefox).


  • Arrow keys to move/jump/crouch/climb
  • Z to fire
  • Escape to pause
  • Q to quit






  • Godot Engine
  • Sfxr
  • LMMS
  • Audacity
  • GIMP
  • Ubuntu


Hunt for the Shadow Rider 35 MB
Hunt for the Shadow Rider 33 MB


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How do i get past the first part? I can kill the 3 roboguys, but then Im stuck at the ladder. I cant jump up there, what do i do?

Hold down up to climb

Crashes after the loading spinner every time.

Maybe try the native version instead of the HTML5 one?

seperate movement (climbing ladder) and action (jump) control..

I may add this later if it improves gameplay

Instruction on keyboard controls please? I can't seem to fire, I assume I can fire because I see a gun when I crouch but can't figure out how to fire.

(1 edit)

Arrow keys to move, Z to fire. Have fun!

This game is so much fun art soundtrack and mechanics are great so well done i hope you enjoy my gameplay